car rent Riga

BMW i3s

120Ah, 42.2 kwh, 2019.y.

4 seats, Leather upholstery, 

Automatic temperature control, Emergency communication system,  

Exterior parking camera rear,  Parking sensors

Navigation system,Wireless phone connectivity

Benefits  of electric car:

Lower running costs,

Free parking in Rigas satiksme parking zones,

No entry fee for  Jurmala,

There are also some shopping centers (for example, IKEA, Jaunā Teika, Akropole, Ozols, Spice, Alfa, etc.), as well as other companies that offer recharging services to their customers.

  • Engine horsepower: 181hp @ 4,800RPM
  • Hybrid traction battery capacity (kWh): 42
*Electric range in km -300 km;
* Fast charging, e.g. at DC fast-charging station: DC; 125 A; 50 kW (80%)- approx 42 min.

*Standart charging  cable on hoseholde  socket 16 A.(80%)-  10 h

1-2 days -65€/day
3-7 days-60€/day
8 days and more -42€/day

SAAB 9-5

6-speed Manual transmission , Diesel 2.0 Tid , 

118 kW; 160 hp)

 2011 year 

Cruise control, Parking asist system sensors front/rear, Rain sensor, 
Xenon headlights,

No entry fee for  Jurmala,


1-2 days-25€/day
3-7 ays-22€/day
8 days and more-20 €/day

Citroen DS5

Automatic transmission ( Hibrid engine) , Diesel1,6

2014 year.

  • 3 .5 litres   per 100 km 
  • 5 litres per 100 km  ( of city driving)

Backup Camera,    Parking sensors

No entry fee for  Jurmala,

1-2 days -25€/day
3-7 days-22€/day
8 days and more -20€/day


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